The Art of Flexible Dieting

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Inside you’ll find 20 tasty recipes that I use on a daily basis.

These high protein recipes are sure to keep you on track towards your goal. Long gone are the days you had to eat chicken and broccoli to get in shape. Now you can enjoy breakfast like Bacon & Egg Muffins, lunches like sweet chilli chicken stir-frys and dinners like chicken fajita burrito bowls.

Dieting Has Never Tasted So Good

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Personal Trainer

Gary Burtenshaw


Well, it’s finally here, the silly season is well and truly upon us.

Now, before you completely throw in the towel, say fuck it, go nuts and eat and drink everything sight just hold it and think for one second.

Yes, it tis the season to be jolly but how jolly you are is really up to yourself. With that being said use these simple tips to help control and manage your weight over the Xmas period.


With all that being said, if you do only one thing this Christmas, do not eat just for the sake of eating. Don’t become one of those people whos’ diet starts on Monday so eats everything in the house.

Put it this way, if you were going to start saving, would you start by spending all of your money first???

  • There is going to be parties left-right and centre and yes they are all going to be fun but do you really need to get blind drunk at every single one??? If you have a few every week until Christmas why not decide to be the designated driver for one or two of them. Your wallet and waistline will definitely thank you.
  • If you gotta drink why not look for a lower calorie version of your favourite drink. If you’re a fan of pints why not stick to the low carb beers like Hahn Superdry or for you Europeans Coors Light. Sticking to the spirits, stick to some low-calorie mixers like coke zero and slimline tonics.
  • Try to save your carbs for nights out. Focus on getting your protein and fats in during the day and beef up them meals with some low-calorie green veg.
  • Never go to a party hungry, you are only asking for trouble.
  • Put the tin of Roses down lol. We have all been there, reached for a sweet, unwrapped it and all of a sudden we are surrounded by a sea of empty wrappers. You have a whole month to eat chocolate so there is no need to eat a tin a night. Nobody has the will power to just have one, so don’t kid yourself and leave the lid firmly shut.
  • Keep your neat up, yes I get it your hungover and the thoughts of getting off the couch are literally killing you. I’m not asking you to go smash a heavy gym session. All I’m saying is get off the couch and go for a stroll, bring the dog out and get some fresh air.
  • If the alcohol doesn’t kill you the late-night kebab and next day pizza most definitely will. Try to keep away from fast food joints.
  • Keep sauces on the side, yes they’re rich and good but try to dip your food in instead of having everything swimming in it.
  • Keep your water up, 9/10 we mistake hunger signals for dehydrated ones, o we end up eating instead of drinking. If you’re hungry, have some water and wait 15-20mins. if you’re still hungry then have some food.
  • Get your sleep in, being tired affects our decision making and we generally end up making the wrong ones especially when it comes to food choices.

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